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Atos launches new Advanced Malware Detection and Remediation Service
Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 01:49:03 PM


Paris, 23 september 2015 Atos, an international leader in digital, announced a new service designed to both detect and mitigate todayís most advanced threats, often referred to as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTís).

This new security service is essential for combating modern attacks and is complementary to other services within Atos expanding Cyber Security portfolio. On an almost daily basis APT attacks are in the news owing to their ability to inflict extensive Ďheadline grabbingí damage. Many of these attacks are customized and focused to specific targetsógovernment, industry, and prominent citizens. In some instances, APTís have gone months and even years without being detected, all the while causing damage, exfiltrating data and causing financial loss. The creation, modification and operation of APTís is believed, in some cases, to be financed and backed at the government levelóan indication of the seriousness with which APTís must be regarded. Many enterprises today find that their legacy security products and procedures are simply inadequate to combat Ďzero-day threatsí and todayís ever-evolving threat environment. Indeed, todayís more sophisticated hackers know which legacy security tools are in place and customize APTís to evade precisely those systems.

Perhaps not enough attention has been paid to APT remediation - what to do once an APT has been detected. Atos service is designed to address this key element by not only detecting APTís but also responding rapidly to them with innovative tools that automate the remediation, with well-rehearsed procedures and protocols, and by hardening systems a priori.

Atosí new service is not only the deployment of APT detectors but a comprehensive prepare- monitor-respond service that includes Atosí SIEM and CSIRT services specially adapted to the particular threats posed by APTís.

ďAtos is truly excited about our new APT detection and remediation service,said Chris Moret, Vice President Cybersecurity at Atos. ďAPTís in particular, require defense in depth. We understand that detection is only half the battle. Knowing what to do after an APT has been detected and also knowing how to continuously harden systems to help limit the impact of APTís are crucial. Atos full suite of security services, including our SOC and CSIRT are ideal services to help combat APTís.

The benefits of the new Atos service include:

  • Both detecting and remediating todayís most advanced threats
  • Avoiding the potential extensive damage that APTís have already caused in the marketplace
  • Maintaining brand integrity and customer loyalty
  • Global availability
  • Access to teams of specialized APT and security professionals
  • 24/7 Security Operation Centers and CSIRT for rapid and expert response to incidents
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